April 27, 2010

3 New Tricks...and a new bike

Jack has learned some new "tricks" in the last few weeks.  He's always wrinkled his nose when he smiles but last week he started doing it almost every time he grins and it's so funny...and he knows it's funny, so it makes him do it more.  Last night I pulled out the camera and every time the orange light came on he wrinkled up his nose, and we would laugh, and then he would laugh, snort a little, and wrinkle it even more!  His next "trick" is sitting up on his knees and every time he does it he looks at me, or Tim, and expects praise for what he learned to do :)  And last, he will get up on his knees and pounce like a little puppy dog, and it's the cutest thing.  I know every Mom says that, but it really IS the cutest thing!

Up on his knees AND the wrinkle nose!
Up close wrinkle nose...it's his favorite new face to make :)
Riley is SO good to his little brother
I promise he has toys, but he thinks his rug is the funniest thing...I guess it tickles :)
And one more wrinkle nose for good measure!

Now, for my sweet big boy!  He's been on the A honor roll all five 6 weeks so far, and we know he'll be on the A honor roll the last 6 weeks as well, so he got a new bike as a reward.  His old bike has just about had it, and my Mom and I were shopping at Target and saw one for a great price, so we went ahead and got it for him, even though he's got a few more weeks left.  He has done so great all year, we are SO proud of him!  He has a program on May 6th and he's going to be Clown Fish No. 5, he has 5 lines, and they sing all these cute songs about the ocean and we're all so excited, I can't wait to post pictures from it!
The Ripclaw :)
Posin' by his new bike...he's so proud!
I love this sweet, sweet smiling face

April 04, 2010

Happy Easter!

Happy Easter from The Campbell family!
Hope you've all had a wonderful day :)