May 29, 2010

School's out.....

for the summer!
Wow, I can't believe I am officially the mother to a SECOND GRADER!  How did this ever happen?  Riley had his end of year awards ceremony on Wednesday and got a certificate for being on the all A honor roll.  My Mom (Mamaw) drove all the way here, at 6:30 in the morning, because she refused to miss his final awards ceremony.  He had no idea she was coming, and I would catch him sneaking glances at her and smiling during the ceremony because he was so glad she was there.  He did awesome this year and we're so proud of him!  He has great handwriting now, can read like you wouldn't believe, and math is his favorite subject.  He definitely did NOT get that from his momma :)  We're going to stay fresh on our spelling, reading, and math this summer to be super prepared for second grade next year.  His teacher gave us a little note saying how he is already really prepared for being in second grade, so it's not too scary at this point!  Our library has story time every Friday and they're going to have magicians, and actors, and animals, and all sorts of cool stuff going on, so that's where we'll be every Friday at 11:00.  He loves going to the library, we go every week and check out books and he really seems to enjoy it - I hope he grows up loving to read like me.  Yesterday was out first "official" day of summer, and we had to head to Longview to do some shopping, so Riley got to pick what we had for lunch, then after we got back we took the boys to a little beach at the lake and splashed around for an hour and they both had the best time.  Jack loved the water, and tried to eat lots of sand :)  Riley mostly just likes to run down the beach and flop into the water on his belly, which can't feel very good, but he doesn't seem to mind!

Sitting in line, waiting for the awards ceremony to start...
And with his best friend, Hannah Melendez
Showing off his A Honor Roll award with Mamaw, and then
being gracious enough to take a picture with "us" - he was very
impatient :)
Enjoying McDonald's on his last day of 1st grade, and being so sweet and sharing his
french fries with Jack!

Two boys, ready for some fun in the sun!
And this is Jack, in the hat he refused to leave on his head.  It's a good
thing I had lots and lots of sunblock for that pale, pale skin!

May 23, 2010

A fun filled weekend!

Tim's birthday is May 19th, and mine is the 20th, so we have had a fun filled few days!  I have wanted to go to a murder mystery dinner theater for a long time.  When we lived in Bedford they had one and I looked it up online and it also pulled up a link for the one at the Gaylord Texan, and it looked like so much fun.  I mentioned to Tim once that I would love to do this and he surprised me with tickets for my birthday!  We left Thursday night and stayed at my parents house and left there about 11:15 on Friday morning.  For lunch that day we got to meet Rick, Shara, Maddox and sweet baby Berkley (who I finally got to meet - and fell in love with) and it was SO good to spend some time with old friends, who I had missed so, so much!  We did a little shopping in the town center in Southlake and then went and checked into the hotel.  We decided to just stay the night at the hotel, since we would already be there, plus that meant we got to swim in their beautiful pool :)  The dinner theater was so much fun, and the atrium in the hotel is amazing, but I won't ever say anyone should stay there, the rooms look like any other nice hotel, but cost too much (and don't get me started on the "extras" you have to pay for).  The riverwalk is definitely worth checking out, but most of the restaurants, the dinner theater, and the shops will validate your parking so I would recommend doing something else in the hotel, and not staying the night.  They had just started decorating for their Summerfest, and the theme is Alice in Wonderland, so I got lots of neat pictures of all the decorations!  Saturday morning we left and Tim got to have breakfast at The Corner Bakery, it's a favorite of his, and then Ghengis Grill for lunch (another favorite for him) and then we attended a wedding in Commerce, then took Riley swimming at the MRC.  It's been such a wonderful, fun filled weekend.  I think the best part was being child free for about 27 hours :)  So, thank you Tim, for planning something special and just for me!  And thank you Mom and Dad, for keeping the boys for such a long time, you're the best parents, grandparents, and in-laws in the world!
Jack was so glad to be out of the car after 2 hours...but he was even more glad to see his Mamaw!

Having fun at Mamaw and Papaws house - Jack played with Mamaw and Riley made a very cool paper airplace!

Sweet Maddow and baby Berkley, they're the cutest little brother and sister you ever saw!  We were so glad to have lunch with them and their mommy and daddy :)

This was to view from out hotel room...not too bad!

This is only a small part of the's a nice cool 70 degrees in here year round!
I want a pool like this at my house :)
To me it looks just like the Riverwalk in San Antonio, minus the humidity and crowds.

This is right outside where we had dinner, I love all the colorful umbrella's!  And these flowers are gorgeous, you don't hardly find flowers this bright and pretty outside a nursery.

This is all from the Alice in Wonderland display they're setting up. Besides this there are more metal flowers, and hedge shaped into a rabbit, a gigantic top hat, a key and rainbow colored keyhold and so much more. It should look pretty awesome once it's all set up!

May 13, 2010

Spring has sprung!

At least it has in Jefferson, everything here is green and beautiful.  So, we took advantage and headed to a couple of our favorite "pretty places" and snapped some pictures!  The end of school is almost here and I can't wait for summer vacation, no big plans, just looking forward to sunny days, swimming, and spending some time back home with family and friends.  Hope everyone stays sane for the end of the school year and is enjoying this beautiful weather!