August 19, 2010

Ms. Morris...

Is Riley's new teacher - and she's fabulous!  She's a first year teacher, she student taught at Commerce Elementary, and she's a May 2010 graduate of A&M-Commerce (magna cum laude, no less).  She is very energetic, and she said herself that she doesn't like being bored and still, and she knows the kids don't either!  I'm going to LOVE her, I can already tell!  She just found out Friday that she got the job, and her classroom already looked wonderful.  Her mom was a teacher, so she pitched in to help get her room ready.  I signed up to be a room parent...we'll see how that goes :)  I'm just so thrilled that he's got a young, friendly, kid-loving teacher.  It's going to be a much better year than last year!

August 04, 2010


We are heading HOME!  After two years in preaching school, and one year working in Jefferson, Tim has been hired as the new youth and family minister at the Commerce Church of Christ in Commerce, Texas.  This is the church we attended when we were dating, the church we were married at, and the church where my parents and brother go too!  It's been quite a few years since they've had a youth minister, so it's not only very exciting for us, but also for the church in Commerce.  A lot of changes are happening there in the next couple of month, their pulpit minister of 30 years is retiring, and their campus minister (he directs the Lions for Christ program with A&M Commerce) is taking over.  They have hired a new campus minister, and Tim, so it's going to a lot of fun being there as all these changes are taking place!  Their new campus minister has a boy that is one year older than Riley, a 4 year old boy, and a newborn baby girl, and there are a LOT of other kids there for Riley and Jack to play with.  Almost more exciting than the new job is the fact that we've bought a house!!!!  And even better than that, is that it's 2 minutes walking distance from my parents :)  Riley is beyond excited, his whole face lit up when we told him we were moving right by Mamaw and Papaw.  I'm going tomorrow to start cleaning (it hasn't been lived in for a few months, the man who owns it didn't put it on the market because he liked us :) and then my Mom and I are going to paint all the walls, then we're having new flooring put in at the end of next week so we can move in on the 16th!!!!  I'll take some before and after pictures and post them once we get in and start working, it's going to be so fun, we're all looking forward to being back home with our family and finally owning our own house :)