October 07, 2010

Our "New, Old" House

The scary before pictures...

 This is the living room, with nasty mauve carpet, a crooked ceiling fan, falling down blinds (that some moron installed about 3 inches below where they should have been), and a lovely broken window.

This is the front corner of the living room, where our bedroom door is.  The front door is the original door from the house, but was obscured by the nasty pink fabric :)

This is the back side of our bedroom, and the bathroom door.  You can't tell really well from the picure, but the wallpaper is seafoam green and peach.  Even for the early 90's when it was remodeled this was a BAD color combo.  Also, the ceiling was green, along with the entire bathroom!

You can see the green pretty clearly in this picture - our closet is behind the double doors, it has a built in chest and shoe shelves, which I'm pretty excited about :)  A big jetted tub, seperate shower, and a little room off the the right where the toilet is.

This is the front wall of our room.  I loved the original doors that were left in the house, but there were only 3 of them, and the back of this one was painted, along with all the original trim, but it was too hard to strip and restore.

Also, I love the windows surrounding the tub!  Within the next several months they'll all be replaced for energy efficient windows, but they'll be made to look the same with the 3 wooden bars across the top.
Breakfast nook - The door to the right that's open leads into what will be the mudroom in about two more weeks and the door straight ahead goes into Jack's room.  It will be our office once he isn't waking up with his teeth in the night any more.

We absolutely hated the rooster border, and green cabinets, but our countertops are wood from the original house, and they're really pretty.  We're replacing the sink and faucet though, they were pretty disgusting!

More kitchen.....
This is looking down into the room that will be the mudroom - and eventually the laundry room - the little piece of door you see in the far left is the smokehouse (where they smoked meat) from the original property that's over 100 years old.  The couple we bought the house from built this room to connect the main house with the smokehouse.  It's getting two new doors, and new flooring once my Dad has the time to do it. 

This is the inside of the smokehouse, the door leads into the future mudroom, and the other door past the mudroom leads into the kitchen.  The door to the right goes onto the back deck. We're really not sure why someone decided to paint half the trim hot pink, but it's pretty ugly.

This got misplaced...it's the ceiling of the living room.  I love, love, love the beams and they're in the dining room too.  All the dark trim is original from 1913 and it's the biggest part of why I loved this house so much.

This is one side of the dining room, right above the border is a plate rail that runs around the entire room.

And this is looking into the formal dining from the living room.  The floors aren't old, probably only about 20 years, and we're going to recover them with the dark distressed looking flooring, maybe next year.  Tim says I have to pace myself!
 These stairs are to the left of the breakfast nook, and were covered in what has to be the dirtiest carpet, pretty much ever.

 This is Riley's room, he loves it!  The door to the left has a Jack and Jill bath that connects to the other room that's upstairs.  I love all the storage in the closets!
 Sorry this one is so dark...this is looking into his room from the head of the stairs.
 And this will eventually be Jack's room, but for now it's the office.  That lovely border you see was covered in baseball stuff, with striped wallpaper behind it.
And that is the closet :) To the right is the door that goes into the bath from this room.  I love that both their rooms have two big windows, Jacks looks into the backyard, which is pretty big, and Rileys looks onto the driveway, but there are two huge crepe myrtle trees, so he has a pretty view.

I forgot to upload the pics of the office downstairs, which is Jack's room for now, but it has a closet in it where they washer/dryer go for now, and a half bath.  The closet had rickety bifold doors on it, that were pretty much falling apart, and the bath was more recently redone, with a little cabinet and almost brand new toilet.  Once the flooring is in the the half bath, and Rileys bath upstairs (next week!) I'll post the pics of how it looks now.  Which is much better than it looks in these pictures!  I know some of our friends here that looked inside it thought we were nuts :)

Just Jack (and one of my neglected first child)

 I love my teeth, I eat yummy stuff with them :)
                                                                         Boxes are fun...
                                                                 ...and baskets are too!
                                              Especially when they're on top of someone else!
                                              I slobber.  A lot.  My Mommy gets tired of it.