January 19, 2010

In the blink of an eye...

my sweet precious baby was 6 months old! How did this even happen? Just yesterday I was at the hospital, waiting to meet him, and now he's here and filling our lives with so much joy. Some of my favorite things about Jack are his sweet, gummy grin, how he bends his head backwards when we're holding him (it's like he's looking up just to make sure we're still there), how he watched everything Riley does, all his sweet noises and sounds, and especially that he's a Mommy's boy through and through!  He can sit up (mostly), he rolls front to back, left to right, in circles...he can get just about anywhere doing this.  He also is just a few days away from crawling, he rocks back and forth and can go forward, just not very well.  His appointment is this Thursday and I can't wait to see how long he is and how much he weighs, I'll post again once he starts eating baby food, I'm sure we will end up with some hilarious pictures!

Just 2 weeks old!  I love how he's all snuggled up on his Mamaw, it's so sweet

1 month old and already a little ham

2 months old - this is his "full body laugh", he's very stiff and quite tickled with himself

3 months old and happy, happy, happy

4 months old and sittin' up like a big boy - with just a little help from Dad

5 months old here, all bundled up to go outside

6 months old
He rolls....and he rolls...and he rolls.  ALL over the floor.  It's hilarious when he's chewing on a corner of the blanket and rolls himself up like a little baby burrito.