March 05, 2010

The best afternoon ever!

At least it was according to Riley :)
We picked him up from school and took him to the Sonic, where he got his most favorite blue coconut slush.  Then we all went to the library and got library cards, which he thought was so cool, and all 3 of us checked out some books (I loved it too).  After that, we went to the park, where Jack had his first swinging experience, and he LOVED it!  He laughed the whole time the swing was moving, and even when it was still he was so happy to be up high, looking around at everything.  I have the two sweetest, most beautiful, funny, loving boys in the whole wide world.  I would never have thought being a Mom to two boys would be so wonderful, I am truly blessed.  And I also really enjoyed getting to dress Jack in some "real" clothes, he is too cute in his little submarine shirt and "kicks" as we call tennis shoes at our house.

His squinty face is so cute :)

I love this face!  I'm pretty sure it was a "wow, this is fun" face, even though it looks kind of like a, "whoa, I'm not too sure about this" face

That's better!  This one definitely means "This is fun!"

Just hangin' around....

...checkin' out how this contraption works.

My 3 handsome guys!

Whoa-a-a-a buddy...


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Melanie said...

So cute and fun! Yeah for sunshine!!