May 29, 2010

School's out.....

for the summer!
Wow, I can't believe I am officially the mother to a SECOND GRADER!  How did this ever happen?  Riley had his end of year awards ceremony on Wednesday and got a certificate for being on the all A honor roll.  My Mom (Mamaw) drove all the way here, at 6:30 in the morning, because she refused to miss his final awards ceremony.  He had no idea she was coming, and I would catch him sneaking glances at her and smiling during the ceremony because he was so glad she was there.  He did awesome this year and we're so proud of him!  He has great handwriting now, can read like you wouldn't believe, and math is his favorite subject.  He definitely did NOT get that from his momma :)  We're going to stay fresh on our spelling, reading, and math this summer to be super prepared for second grade next year.  His teacher gave us a little note saying how he is already really prepared for being in second grade, so it's not too scary at this point!  Our library has story time every Friday and they're going to have magicians, and actors, and animals, and all sorts of cool stuff going on, so that's where we'll be every Friday at 11:00.  He loves going to the library, we go every week and check out books and he really seems to enjoy it - I hope he grows up loving to read like me.  Yesterday was out first "official" day of summer, and we had to head to Longview to do some shopping, so Riley got to pick what we had for lunch, then after we got back we took the boys to a little beach at the lake and splashed around for an hour and they both had the best time.  Jack loved the water, and tried to eat lots of sand :)  Riley mostly just likes to run down the beach and flop into the water on his belly, which can't feel very good, but he doesn't seem to mind!

Sitting in line, waiting for the awards ceremony to start...
And with his best friend, Hannah Melendez
Showing off his A Honor Roll award with Mamaw, and then
being gracious enough to take a picture with "us" - he was very
impatient :)
Enjoying McDonald's on his last day of 1st grade, and being so sweet and sharing his
french fries with Jack!

Two boys, ready for some fun in the sun!
And this is Jack, in the hat he refused to leave on his head.  It's a good
thing I had lots and lots of sunblock for that pale, pale skin!


emma said...

Sounds like your first day of summer was perfect! Way to go Riley on all A's!!! That's awesome! And you also have the most amazing grandparents! You are very blessed! Have fun this summer....can't wait to hang out!

*Kendra* said...

Your boys are so cute! HOpe you are enjoying summer! CAn't wait to (hopefully) see you out at camp!