November 03, 2010

AFTER (or at least some of it!)

I know most people have seen these on facebook, but we've got some family (MOM!!!  ANGIE!!!) that don't use it so this is mainly for them.
                   One side of the dining room and our living room
Looking into the dining room from the living's such a pretty view :)

My huge, and wonderful, kitchen

I LOVE all the space I have for cooking now!

This is my favorite part of the whole house!  I've been collecting red and yellow antique kitchen stuff for a few years now, and it deserved it's own special space!

Sweet baby Jack's room

It's decorated with antique toys, and paintings of antique toys.
And this thing is amazing for storage!

The jack-in-the-box, and top were my dads.  All the books were mine as a baby!

Rileys room - he loves it!

 This very cool metal basketball player used to be my brothers, and he wanted Riley to have it

 Our bedroom - I still can't get over all the space we have!

 I finally got to use the bath tub, it's nice and roomy

And this is looking in to the living room from our bedroom


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Bunch of Oranges said...

SCREAM!!MMMM!!!!!!!!!! I LOVE your house!!! I love when people put pics of their stuff on their blog... Your house is gorgeous! I LOVE your antique kitchen corner! Love all the hardwoods! Love it all! LOVE the NURSERY!!! What a neat thing to have all your stuff!!! It is much cooler to see all your stuff in there and see it decorated! :) Love you gal! Glad you are loving the home! Make the memories now...right? :) Hugs!