November 16, 2010

Getting in the holiday spirit....

I'm so ready for Christmas my lists have lists!  We're hosting Thanksgiving for my family at our house, this is the first "thing" we'll have in our new home, and the first time we've ever hosted a holiday since we've been married, so it's very exciting - but I declined cooking the turkey, I'm too afraid I'll mess it up ;)  Things are going so great here, there aren't words to described how blessed we feel to be back home; our church family is wonderful, and living right by my parents doesn't hurt either!  Jack keeps getting teeth, although he only has four on bottom - his two front teeth, and 2 molars, which I find strange!  He's funny and happy most of the time, but he's already learned what NO means, and he pitches the biggest fit when he hears it - I'm talking about throwing himself down on the floor fits.  But it's still pretty funny because when I ignore him, which I always do, he starts pushing himself around on his back and that's always good for a laugh!  He says a lot of words, a few of them are: Mama, Dada, Bubba, Uh-oh, bye bye, Hiiiiiii, Tataw (Papaw), Mamaw, Bite, Nana (for banana), night night, drive drive, no....and maybe a couple of others that I'm not remembering right now.  His favorite word is Bubba, he'll walk to the foot of the stairs and call Riley, who's his favorite person besides me and his Papaw.  He is also wanting to feed himself, and it's really messy.  Riley didn't show any interest in that until he was at least 2, so I see a lot of spills and messes in our immediate future!  Riley is doing really well in school, his teacher is still so wonderful.  Even when he has a less than great week she doesn't dog him about it, which I love, she understands kids are kids, and sometimes they're rowdy.  He got all A's on his first report card, and 1 B (an 89) on his second.  He has the entire week off for Thanksgiving, and that's awesome, I can't wait to take them to the park, and the Children's Museum, and start decorating for Christmas!  Back to Christmas....we don't have a tree, when we moved into the apt. while Tim was in preaching school we knew there wasn't room to store it, or put it up, so we gave it to Tim's parents, so now we get to buy a BIG pre-lit tree (since we have tall, tall ceilings), which makes me happy!  I've already been buying decorations for it, and planning where I'll put everything - I don't go crazy and decorate every single room, but I do decorate all the rooms where company spends the most time.  We'll start decorating Thanksgiving night, and probably finish since we're not having to go anywhere, so I'll post pictures then!  We've got a progressive dinner/Christmas party for our youth group, Riley's birthday party, Tim's families Christmas at our house, a 4th grade and under Christmas party, caroling at the nursing home, Family Game Night, and big New Year's Eve party, and a young married's Christmas party at our house - all next month.  It's going to be CRAZY, but I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

Here are some pictures of the boys, since they're the reason most people look here anyway ;)

This is the only one that really needs a caption;
Chad as the coolest Wolverine ever and Tim as Magnum P.I. for Halloween
Yes, those claw were really metal, and yes, I do have a thing for the real Tom Selleck...something about those dimples and that mustache ;)

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Bunch of Oranges said...

Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!! Gunner throws fits tooo! Hits his head on the floor!!!! Our boys would be sooo cute together!!! Let's play one day? Love his big word is "Bubba" That makes me melt!!! Gunner favorite word is "Look" he wants us to look at EVERYTHING!!!! SOOO exciting your family is having dinner at YOUR house!! It will be great! Let me know if you want to take on the turkey! I have an EASY way and you will feel like Martha Stewart!! Trust Me! :) Love you girl!