January 18, 2011

~B~I~G~ Boy!

On January 18th Jack turned 1 1/2 - I can't imagine how our life was before he was here, because it's so much more fun now with two boys running around!  He's 24.8 pounds, and 33 inches tall - and all of him is pure BOY!  He loves Riley, and calls "Bubba" up the stairs during the day when he's in school, it just melts my heart!  I guess he says about 30 words, he had a pretty big vocabulary for such a little toot, and he jabbers all day in what sounds like Mandarin.  His favorite thing to do is take a part his firetruck puzzle or shape short and line the pieces up on his windowsill (I'm secretly hoping he'll have my organizational skills!).  He loves books, but doesn't sit still for very long and his favorite toy is one of those nifty things that is a push - ride on - scooter.  He sits and rides for now, but I'm sure he'll be using it as a scooter before too long.  His favorite word this week is "OW" which he proclaims loudly any time you touch him.  He's going to be that kid in Wal-Mart that gets a little swat and yells "OW DADDY YOU'RE HURTING ME" at the top of his lungs, causing CPS to called and us having to run out of the store in a mad dash :)  He is finally turning into a good little player, he'll go to his room, or play in the living room, for a really long time.  The only time he gets mad that I'm not giving him enough attention is when I'm trying to read a book, or cook, because then he'll walk up and hit the book and make an ugly noise, and in the kitchen he'll wedge himself between me and the cabinet and make an ugly noise.  This noise is pretty much a daily occurence at our house, so he knows what a spanking is already!

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