January 18, 2011

Now that it's January....

....I guess I'd better post all the pics from December!  We had a crazy month, but it was SO much fun!  We had a party for our friends at church, Riley's birthday party, Christmas for Tim's family, tons of dinner guests, Christmas with my family at the barn, Christmas morning here at our house, a children's Christmas party at church....and that's just what I can remember!  We also had things for our youth group, and they are just the best bunch of kids, and we're so blessed to work with them. 

Here are some pictures from Riley's birthday party:
 The race track cake he wanted....
 ...then devoured!
 Definitely his favorite present - a huge remote control monster truck from Mamaw and Papaw!
His sweet friend Kimberly trying out the awesome Iron Man mask 
Opening presents NEVER gets old!

Now for some Christmas pictures of both my sweet boys - these are from the church party, Christmas Eve with my parents, and Christmas morning here at home:

Oh, you know, he's just a foot stomper... 
My sweet boys with their Mamaw at Riley's class party... 
HALO goodies from M&P for Christmas! 
Peek-a-boo, I see you! 
His present from the gift exchange at church... 
And me with my sweet boy...it's a shame he was looking somewhere else!

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