July 26, 2010

Jack's first hair cut....

There is a wonderful lady at our church named Jennifer, she is a hair stylist, and she's fantastic!  She cuts mine and Tim's hair, and has even trimmed my bangs in my very own living room before.  I asked her Sunday morning if she would give Jack his first hair cut, thinking it would be easier since he knows her, then she called that afternoon as said, "hey, what if we do it at your house, with him in his high chair?".  Well, that sounded great to me!  She said lots of babies freak out in a beauty shop from all the strangers and the weird booster seat and we got to avoid all of that.  We strapped him into his high chair and she gave him his first big boy hair cut right on our kitchen floor.  And, he looks adorable, if I do say so myself :)

Here he is getting all strapped in...

...and probably wondering why since he had already eaten dinner :)

He was VERY interested in the scissors and comb!

He was such a good boy, he didn't wiggle too much...

...but he did make some really weird faces.

I love this funny face!
I could tell he was trying to devise a way to get a hold of that comb
And here is the finished product...a very, very sweet big boy hair cut!

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Melanie said...

Awww...SO handsome!!