July 21, 2010

Jackson turns ONE!!!

Where in the world has the last year gone?!?!  My sweet, sweet baby boy turned one on Sunday and we all had so much fun.  We had church Sunday morning (where he fell and got a terrible red spot on his forehead - I swear, I've never seen a kids first birthday pics where they didn't have a booboo of some sort!), then lunch with a table full of friends at Los Mochis (the best mexican food EVER), and after that we went back to my parents house and had Jacks very first birthday party!  Lots of family came, my parents, brother and Memaw, of course, and also my Auntie, cousins Andi, Aaron and Robin, their girls Ava and Hannah, two of the sweetest girls from my parents church, Brandi and Tiffany, and then me, Tim and Jack :)  We celebrated with a "1" shaped birthday cake - yellow and dark chocolate layers, yum!, lemonade punch, and lots and lots of presents!  He especially loved Ava, who will turn 7 in December, she was a great helper and was a lot of fun.  After his party we went to Tims parents and he opened his presents from them, Uncle Matt and Aunt Lauren, and Meme, Tims grandma.  And I got to hold my sweet new niece Ally, and was quite happy about that!  Here are some of the pictures I took from that day, it seems like I have hundreds, so it's hard to choose!
The spread....

...the cake...

...the stinkin' adorable lion plates and monkey napkins....

...and the birthday banner I made for our sweet boy!

He loves this snuggly puppy from his Memaw, and he dived right into the bags to help Daddy out!

Riley was the BEST helper all day long!
He had a great time playing with all the boxes his toys came in :)
And he discovered that he loves to slide!
He really enjoyed his birthday cake too :)
And cake isn't the only thing that's good for chewing on!


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Amber said...

Looks like Jack had a great first birthday! I'm already thinking about what to do for ours. Thanks for sharing your pictures...I especially like the one of him sliding :)