October 12, 2009

I love you Tim!

I've been thinking a lot about Tim, our marriage, and our life together, since we're coming up on our third anniversary (Oct. 28th) together.  Mostly I think about how lucky I am to be married to such an amazing man - although I do occasionally think, "crap Tim, why can't you just put your shoes back in the closet?"  Minor slip-ups aside, I am seriously blessed to be married to Tim Campbell!  He is an amazing father to Riley and Jackson.  He feeds Jack, changes diapers, mops up spit, puts him to sleep - although that's still pretty much "Mommy territory".  He helps fix Riley breakfast if I'm with Jack, takes him to school, and goes to work every day to support our family so I'm able to stay home.  He loves me, unconditionally, and we have one of those marriages where everything is shared...right down to the arguements.  And sometimes I let him win :)  We discuss everything, even the mundane, because we really like talking to each other, and if one of us has a problem, we know we will always work it out!  I am so excited to be celebrating another year with this man and I am looking forward to as many more as the Lord will give me!

Side note - he's SO amazing that he let me spend them entire last week at my parents.  My brother had ankle surgery and he decided it was as good an excuse as any for me and Jack to go hang out with them for a few days.  So he had Riley all by himself and he did a fantastic job!  And my Mom was very appreciative of us getting to stay with her so long - of course, he and Riley spent last weekend, and the weekend before that with us as well.

So, Tim, I love you with all my heart, all my soul, with everything I am.  I am looking forward to celebrating many, many more anniversaries with you!

Honeymooning in San Antonio

1st anniversary

2nd anniversary

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