November 26, 2009


I am always so thankful for many things, and wanted to list a few before I show the pictures of my little butterball turkey :)

I am incredibly thankful for my husband, Tim.  He cooks dinner for us if I need help, helps vacuum, changes diapers, feeds Jack, takes Riley to school, reads the Bible to him every night, is a wonderful spiritual leader for our family, treats me like a queen, is thoughtful, warm, goes on and on!  I'm thankful for Riley because he always makes me smile!  He is smart, sweet, loving, helpful with his baby brother, very protective of Jack, makes wonderful grades, is very polite, always says yes ma'am & no ma'am to his teachers, plays hard and has fun all day long!  I am so blessed to have 2 wonderful sons and even though I thought I wanted a baby girl, I'm so glad I have two boys.  Rough and tumble, rowdy, dirty boys. (I'm also thankful for having NO MORE babies - I miss my sleep, lol). I'm thankful for my parents because they raised me to be the best wife, mother, daughter, sister, etc. that I can be.  Also, they treat Tim like he is a real part of the family and has from day one - he thinks of them as blood family, not just "the in-laws!", they are always there with support for us, and let us live our own lives.  I'm also thankful for my church and church family, my many wonderful friends, our home, our vehicle, the food we have to eat, the fact that Tim works so hard to provide for us so I don't have to work, Jesus, because without him there is no chance for any of us to get to heaven, my extended family (especially my amazing Memaw), my health, my families health, and my brother, who is one of mine and Tim's best friends - he is always good for a laugh and is SO, SO good to both of his nephews!  I'm thankful for so much more, but this seems long enough already :)

Last weekend my parents came and stayed Sat. night with us and we went on the bayou tour.

I am SO in love with Jack's overalls and matching hats...he reminds me of a little 50's newspaper delivery boy :)

My little butterball turkey!

Riley and Mamaw before our yummy Thanksgiving lunch

I LOVE his turkey britches!

My Mom and hers - my Memaw

Tim, Jack, me...

...and Riley - he wanted his own picture!

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