November 05, 2009

TO: Mamaw and Papaw

Dear Mamaw and Papaw,
     We love you so much!  And not just because you buy us stuff and take us places.  Even though we really like going to Atwood's and Taco Casa and Wal-Mart.  We love you because you treat us both super special, give us both our own attention and you never play favorites.  We know you love us more than anyone else (except for my Mom and Dad) and we think you're the best grandparents that any kids could over have.  We love you!
Love, Riley and Jack

Mamaw with Jack the day after he was born.

Papaw with Jack, also the day after he was born.

Mamaw with Riley on the last day of Kindergarten.

With Papaw outside one of their rental properties.

What is it about baby boys in overalls? (Thanks for those Mamaw!)

The two most beautiful Campbell boys ever!

And just because this is hilarious:  This is where Jack started out...

...and this is where he ended up!

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Bunch of Oranges said...

Oh my goodenss.. haven't checked blogs in a while... oh girl! You first of all... look gorgeous! Your hair is sooo long! Love it. Happy Anniversary. Great Men are awesome huh? I think I have a keeper too! Guess what... Gunner was a skeleton for Halloween too. It was a one piece.... it will be on my next post. I miss you girl! Love all your latest pics... Jealous of you soakin up baby all by himself... you can tell you do b/c you tell about all his happenings... too sweet! Gunner is perfect! I am busy..but very happy. Love you girl!