November 01, 2009

Happy Halloween

We have all had such a great time for Halloween this year!  This is the first time we've lived somewhere where it was feasible to trick or treat, apartment complexes aren't great for that.  First, we went to the Fall Festival that was downtown in the historic district.  They had a cake walk, trunk or treating, face painting, free food, a little "train ride" and games with prizes.  Riley had a wonderful time, and the rest of us did too.  Once it cooled off a little more we headed back downtown to trick or treat with friends from church and their little boy and they had the best time.  Riley got a pumpkin full of candy (no candy corn though, so I was disappointed!) and even won a cake on the cake walk.  He declared it the best Halloween ever!

Marshal Deadwood

Howdy pardner

Mom with her little Marshal

She cackled, stirred in her cauldron and talked - he thought it was very cool.

He was totally in character and so funny!

Boo Bones

And Mom with her sweet little skeleton!

On a totally different not, I finally saw Jack roll over! He's been doing it for almost 3 weeks now and was such a stinker. Any time I tried to record it, or even watch, he would play possum and just lay there like he couldn't do it. I still can't get him to let me record it, but at least I finally saw. And he is also laughing now, but he won't do it very often. Mostly he just laughs at his ceiling fan :)

This just makes my whole day!

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Melanie said...

What a handsome cowboy! You're going to have to start fighting off those girls soon! Jackson has the sweetest smile...I love it!